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MLA Citation Style (Corrected Version)

  Student's second-name and page number both aligned right  

<Student Name>

<Name and Section # of course>

<Instructor Name>


Insert Full Title of the Assignment

            From here you start off the assignment and each paragraph is indented by pressing a simple tab key when starting a new paragraph.

            Heading 1

            Guess what is the noticeable difference? You just noticed! Headings are also indented and underlined simultaneously. Do not have any formatting in the paper such as having any text bold or italics.

            There is no gap between the paragraphs. The most important part is the in text citations which uses Author, Page style where citations are listed by author(s) last name and page number range. If you’ve completely rephrased something you took from a source then you should cite like this (Haris, 21).

Subheading 1

Do not bold, italicize or underline the subheading.

Works Cited

Next page is the referencing page that is here known as works cited. Please note that references should be in alphabetical order with books coming first, followed by websites. Try placing as many books as you can. Notice that the references have hanging indents from the second line onwards and are not numbered.

A Book

Author’s last name. Title of the book. Book Edition. City of Publishing: Publisher. (Date published).

A Magazine or Newspaper Article

Author’s last name. “Article Title.” Magazine or newspaper name. (Date published): page numbers of article.

A Web Page

Organization/Website/Author Last Name. “Web page title” Sponsoring organization or Home Page. Date Accessed.
<www.url.com >

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